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Welcome to Baggs Books!

Welcome to Baggs Books

Baggs Books was created  with the aim of making the world of book lovers and information seekers aware of a wealth of research and writing about the lifeworks of our family in relation not only to the built environment, but a whole range of topics from healthy homes and what to do when someone dies to thesis writing and the exploration of many of the world’s greatest mysteries.

 Each of these topics and more are covered in a variety of works that have been created over a lifetime the late Sydney Baggs PhD, his wife Joan Baggs and son David Baggs.

 Each of the books represents the best information available at the time of writing, We hope you enjoy, fascinate and ruminate over the content as there is plenty to take on board!

About the Authors:

Sydney A. Baggs

In a professional career that spanned more than 6 decades, Sydney Baggs was awarded  six qualifications in architecture, landscape architecture, building health science, environmental science and building biology and while writing on many of these topics was also a lifetime student of symbolism and the esoteric.

He was a distinguished architect (Majesty’s Theatre, Broadway, Sydney University Union Theatre and NSW Fire Brigade Headquarters, Green Square Sydney and many others) as well as a passionate and much respected (and according to many personal testaments passed on his  ex students to his son David) loved senior lecturer in Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Environmental Impact Assessment for over 10 years at the University Of NSW.  He later became an environmental health consultant and Building Biologist while in later private practice as an architect and landscape architect.

With his wife and technical assistant, Joan, he travelled the world researching prehistoric and historic architecture and the sites of magicoreligious ancient rituals.

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences in London, he was a Fellow of the Royal Australian, as well as the British Institute of Architects. He held the Cambridge International Order of Merit, was a member of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and also several archaeological associations.

Joan C Baggs

 Joan has spent a lifetime contributing to and editing academic papers, theses, reports, articles, assignments and books. For over 55 years, she has shared her keen intellect and talent for writing and understanding of the English language, directly and indirectly with hundreds of students, at all academic levels from undergraduate to post graduate and PhD; consulting to a numbers of businesses as well.

 She has lectured at the Institute of the Kirghiz Academy of Sciences in Frunze (now Bishkek, Kirghistan) in the USSR as a guest of the Academy, and has travelled extensively researching and writing articles for the Geotecture Journal. She held the post of Assistant Editor to the Geotecture Journal for 10 years and, in conjunction with Unisearch (of The University of New South Wales), she was responsible with Sydney and David for coorganising the First International Conference on Earth-Sheltered Buildings in Sydney, Australia.

 Joan has also selflessly and endlessly supported three generations of family, friends and associates through the trials and tribulations of school, tertiary-level and post-graduate assignments and theses. She is a much valued and respected mentor and communicator.

 Together, Joan and Syd  produced over 70 articles and papers published on five continents.

David Baggs

David is a multi-award winning charted architect sustainability, energy-efficiency and eco-materials consultant with over 30 years experience in sustainable development. He has designed over 500 passive solar buildings including approximately 350 earth wall structures and nearly 40 earth covered or green roof buildings many in association with his late father Sydney.

He has been sustainability and eco-materials consultant to some of Australia’s most iconic green projects including 10 Sydney 2000 Olympic projects, AMP Global and Brisbane City Council’s headquarters and Sydney’s new Green Square Town Centre. He has been responsible for the development major local state and federal government sustainability, energy efficiency and materials policy in Australia and for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

He is an accomplished author, a regular keynote speaker, trainer and educator.

David is co-founder with his partner Mary-lou Kelly of Ecospecifier Pty Ltd ( and other regional websites), Global GreenTag Pty Ltd (Global GreenTag certification Program), Integreco Pty Ltd (Sustainability Leadership with People. Process and Projects) and several other companies.

David was voted in 2009 and 2010 as one of Australia’s top 50 most influential individuals in environmental issues in a poll run by ABC Carbon and in 2011 and 2012 one of the Top 100 most influential individuals in environmental issues in a subsequent 6 Continent poll run also by ABC Carbon. In 2012 he was also voted one of the Top 50 Australian Sustainability Leaders by reader of He is also President of the Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society.